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MBBS Abroad Eligibility

Eligibility criteria and admission process for MBBS can vary from country to country and it can vary within the country too. For example, eligibility criteria for different college can vary within a country. Here are some eligibility criteria that you need to fulfill in case of MBBS abroad education.

Country Duration of Course (Years)
MBBS Admission in Philippines After graduation - 4
After 12th - 5 to 6
MBBS Admission in Russia 5.8
MBBS Admission in Ukraine 5
MBBS Admission in Bangladesh 5
MBBS Admission in China 5 + 1 Year Internship
MBBS Admission in Kyrgyzstan 5
MBBS Admission in Kazakhstan 5

MBBS Abroad Fees

MBBS fee is one of the most deciding factor for taking admission in abroad. Taking MBBS admission in countries like Philippines, Ukraine, Russia, Kyrgyzstan and China is cheaper than countries like Australia, Canada, UK, USA and New Zealand and they cheaper than Indian Private Medical Colleges too.

Choose MCI & WHO Recognized University

Choosing a college/university recognized by MCI & WHO will give you opportunity to work in India as well as abroad as a doctor. If a college or university is not recognized by MCI then your MBBS degree will be of no use, you cannot practice in India as a doctor. You will just waste your time & money.

Quality of Education

Medical field is changing rapidly than ever. New experiments and arrival of new tools and technology makes it important to get the education from world standard MBBS college so that you don’t lag behind.

Medical council of India approves the college on the basis of quality of education. Therefore take admission only to those college and countries that are approved/recognized by MCI.

Countries like Ukraine, Philippines and Russia offer better quality of education than Indian Private Colleges and their college/university fee is also far cheaper than Indian Private medical colleges.

Hostel & Indian Food Facility

Availability of hostel with Indian food is one of the most important thing while deciding to study abroad. Normally, students have to stay in surrounding/local private hostels and flats and they can choose their accommodations depending on their requirements. Indian food facility is available in countries like Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines and Bangladesh.


This is also an important factor while taking decision to take MBBS admission in Abroad. Safety is very important for the students and their family. Countries like Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, and Philippines are safe for MBBS Abroad education.

Opportunities After MBBS Abroad

MBBS in Abroad is a great career choice as it gives many options to students graduating from these Universities. After MBBS from abroad, a student will have the following options:

Option 1:- Return to India and appear for FMGE or the MCI Screening Test . Prepare for this exam, clear this exam and get the registration number from the MCI for medical practice in India. This is the most preferred option by most of the Indian students after completing MBBS degree.

Option 2:- After completing your degree in abroad, you go for PG degree in the same country. After completing PG degree you can start practicing/working in the same country or look for work in other countries.

Option 3:- While studying, you can apply for USMLE Step 1 in case you want to settle down or practice in the US.